Development Drawings(展开图)

The process of spreading out the surfaces of a solid continuously and true-shapely onto a plane is called the development of the surfaces of the solid, as shown in Fig.10-1. The drawing created by development is called a development drawing.  Development drawing is widely used in shipbuilding, mechanical engineering,electronic engineering, chemical engineering, architecture, packaging design, fashion design and so on.


In terms of industrial demands, parts like shields, pipes, funnelsand so on are usually made of sheet metal. As shown in Fig.10-2, a segregator consists of a cylinder, a taper tube, a siphon and a deformed joint. Before being manufactured, the surfaces of these components are developed to a plane by a process called lofting. According to the developed plane drawings, sheet materials can be cut and bended, and finally welded together into a complete shape.


There are two methods to create a development drawing,i.e.,graphic method and calculation method. This section focuses on the graphic method as it is simple as well asintuitive.