Interpreting Detail Drawings (读零件图)

Purposes and requirements for drawing interpretation(读图的目的和要求)

 Purposes for drawing interpretation(读图的目的)

When a designer designs parts,he/she needs to refer to the pertinent machine part drawing, so that one can interpret the drawing. When a worker produces parts,he/she needs to interpret the drawing in order to figure out their structures, shapes, dimensions and technical requirements. When inspectors and maintenance workers inspect or maintain parts, they need to interpret the drawing to assess whether the parts meet technical requirements. In short, all technicians should be ableto interpret drawings.


Requirements for interpreting part drawings(读零件图的要求)

 1) Understanding the part name, material, and function (including functions of each section).

2)Understanding the structural shapes of each section of the part.

3) Understanding the dimensioning and technical requirements. One also needs to analyze and understand the representations of various views.