Contents of Detail Drawings(零件图的内容)

Based on the functions and requirements, the following contents need to be included in a detail drawing as shown in Fig.8-1:

1)A group of views (general views, sectional views, cuts, etc.) that accurately and clearly convey the structure and shape.

2)Integrate dimensions with reasonable and clear dimensions for its production.

3) Technical requirements using designated symbols,numbers or texts to briefly illustrate the technical requirements for productionand inspection.

4) Title block with name of the part, quantity,material, scale, drawing number, and the signature of the designer, checker and inspector. 


1) 一组视图(如视图、剖视图、断面图等)来确切、清晰地表达零件的结构形状。

2) 完整尺寸,即合理、齐全、清晰地标注出制造零件所需的全部尺寸。

3) 技术要求指用规定的符号、数字或文字简要说明制造、检验时应达到的技术要求。

4) 标题栏包括零件名称、数量、材料、比例、图号,以及设计者、校核者和审核者签名等。