Cuts (断面图)

 Concept of cuts(断面图的概念)

When an imaginary cutting plane passing through an object, the cross section is drawn,which is called a cut, as shown in Fig. 6-42a. It is different from a sectional view.In addition to draw cross-sectional shape at the cutting position, one also needs to draw features behind the cutting plane for sectional views, as shown in Fig. 6-42b.

当用假想的剖切面将机件某部分切断,仅画出该剖切断面处的图形,即称为断面图,如图6-42a 所示。断面上一般应画出剖面符号。与断面图不同,剖视图除画出断面形状外,还需画出剖切面后方结构的投影,如图6-42b所示。

A cut is usually used to illustrate the shape of cutting plane of an object or the holes and grooves in the solid shaft. In order to obtain the actual shape of an object, the cutting plane must be perpendicular to the main outlines or axis of the object.