Related Provisions in National Standards (国家标准有关规定)

Engineering drawing is an important documentation used during the process of design and manufacturing.For the sake of convenience in communication,all drawings should comply with national standards.National standards are abbreviated as“GB”.


Related Provisions in National Standards (国家标准有关规定)


1.Size and layout of drawing sheets  图纸幅面和格式 (GB/T 14689—2008)


2.Title block  标题栏(GB/T 10609.1—2008)


3.Scale  比例(GB/T 14690—1993)


4.Lettering  字体(GB/T 14691—1993)


5.Line styles  图线(GB/T 4457.4—2002)


6.Dimensioning  尺寸注法(GB/T 4458.4—2003)